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  • Can Nice Girls Finish First?

    Can Nice Girls Finish First?

    I cry easily; I love listening to people’s life stories. I prefer to see the good in people and remain friends than focus on what is bothering me. In most situations, I would prefer to compromise than win. Yet, when I entered the business world I thought I needed to tuck my “nice girl” neatly away […]

  • 3 Keys to Conquering High-Stress Moments

    3 Keys to Conquering High-Stress Moments

    Did you know that you can easily affect your level of stress and increase your chances of success? Stress is the result of many factors, but the net result is always the same–higher levels of cortisol in your body.  Increased cortisol lowers your creativity, decreases your ability to think, and heightens your emotions–none of which […]

  • Nice girls finish….

    Nice girls finish….

    In the 1980’s I struggled between being considered “too nice” to be taken seriously in business and the ultimate slap of being a “hardened bitch.” Many women today still struggle with labels and image–whether as entrepreneurs or within a corporate role. What is the magic formula? Too often women are not themselves because they fear […]

  • Do you have confidence in you?

    Do you have confidence in you?

    The word confidence is bantered around frequently. We are admonished to have more of it. How confident do your feel? I guess the first thing is to ask, what is confidence. According to the dictionary it is: confidence [kon-fi-duh ns] noun full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of a person or thing: […]

  • Presentations that Win

    Presentations that Win

    There are two kinds of people, when it comes to presenting–those with practice, and everyone else. If you think you could never present as well as the people you see doing it–think again. Ever person you see as a pro at pitching their ideas, speaking in front of groups, or persuading people of anything ALL […]

  • Do you dress for success?

    Do you dress for success?

    What does that mean to you?  A recent article about this in the Houston Chronicle tickled my thoughts about how executive women dress.  In the 80’s it meant women (me) wore blue pin strip suits (skirts not pantsuits), padded shoulders in their jackets (I once was told my jacket had more padding than an NFL player), cute little […]

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