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  • Women of Influence

    Women of Influence

    So often I read about how women struggle to achieve their goals, suffer from lack of investment funding as entrepreneurs, and have so many strikes against us winning at the game of life. Yet, when I look at the numerous powerful women in the world I have to wonder: If they did it, what is stopping […]

  • What Do Eggs Have To Do With Your Business?

    What Do Eggs Have To Do With Your Business?

    In 2001 egg industry experts said cage free eggs were not possible because consumers wanted cheap eggs. Yet by 2016, cage free eggs (even if they don’t fully fix some of the problems) have become such an industry buzz word that McDonalds, Cosco and other big companies are demanding them from egg suppliers so they […]

  • Do You Believe What Others Say?

    Do You Believe What Others Say?

    Julie Smolyansky, CEO of Lifeway, became the youngest female CEO of a publicly traded company at 27. She did a lot of things right–but the main takeaway is she believed in herself when others thought she should fold! Whether others approve of you has much less to do with your success than your internal belief […]

  • Are You Being Honest or Fearful?

    Are You Being Honest or Fearful?

    As entrepreneurs and business leaders it is important that we are honest with ourselves–brutally honest. As much as we need bravado and confidence to do what we do, we still have our own career and livelihood at stake as well as those we employ and our investors money. But how do you tell the difference […]

  • Disruptive Strategy

    Disruptive Strategy

    The current buzz word in business, and even other spaces like self-help, is to find ways to be disruptive to existing organizations, industries, and ways of doing things.  I have read more articles and posts than I care to count that say, “Disrupt or be disrupted!” Something about this latest way of looking at things has […]

  • Commit to a daily goal & do it

    Commit to a daily goal & do it

    If you want to succeed at anything, you must know what it is you need to do NEXT to achieve it. I like to have my big goal that inspires me and then I also know what my daily goal is that is going to move me towards it. Do you notice how many days get […]

  • How is your company’s social progress index?

    How is your company’s social progress index?

    Recently, one of my past Harvard Business School professor’s recent work was highlighted in the Harvard Magazine–“Putting Social Progress on Par with Prosperity.” I love this concept. They measured things like access to medical care, nutrition, personal rights, and other factors deemed important to quality of life and happiness of a country’s citizens. Yet, a country’s […]

  • Employees vs. Intrapreneurs?

    Employees vs. Intrapreneurs?

    I love this article by Jen Prosek on cultivating an army of intrapreneurs. The term intrapreneur is the buzz word in big companies right now. What stands out to me is she is talking about entrepreneurs creating a company culture that encourages intrapreneurs. So often entrepreneurs find they are not only the one in charge, […]

  • Transparency as a Boss

    Transparency as a Boss

    Women’s wages still remain about 70% of men doing a similar job and one of the quickest ways to change that for yourself personally is to know what your colleagues are earning. In fact, famous cases like Charlize Theron earning an additional $10 million in a movie she made by demanding equal pay to her […]

  • Is Your Team On-Purpose?

    Is Your Team On-Purpose?

    Have you noticed as summer ends that everyone, not just you, has a slightly different rhythm and your team is less in sync? All summer long different people have been on vacation at various times, focus has drifted, and your team has become less of a energized unit and more a group of people working […]

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