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  • Is Your Choice Between Life or Success?

    Is Your Choice Between Life or Success?

    Most entrepreneurs I speak with often find their personal life and health at odds with their success. “It goes with the territory,” they claim. Does it? Let’s look at this against well-documented start-up data. Al Ramadan, Dave Peterson, Christopher Lochhead, and Kevin Maney started a company called Play Bigger after successful careers in high-tech looking […]

  • Finding Time…

    Finding Time…

    I constantly get asked the question, “How do you find the time to X, Y, or Z,” from aspiring entrepreneurs because starting a business can sometimes feel like a all-consuming effort. Two things have helped me over the years. One I learned early in my career from my first boss and the other I have just […]

  • Are You Being Honest or Fearful?

    Are You Being Honest or Fearful?

    As entrepreneurs and business leaders it is important that we are honest with ourselves–brutally honest. As much as we need bravado and confidence to do what we do, we still have our own career and livelihood at stake as well as those we employ and our investors money. But how do you tell the difference […]

  • Creating Luck

    Creating Luck

    Recently I wrote about the art of serendipity in life in a blog at But the keys to creating luck in your life also apply to business. As a business person, you have been conditioned to avoid randomness and control your outcomes. Yet, luck and serendipity defy reason and are inhibited by control. The […]

  • Is Work an Option?

    Is Work an Option?

    Recent research shows that the majority of U.S. families depend on their mother working–yet, we continue to live in a society that assumes work is optional for women. This mindset results in fewer pro-family laws to ensure a mother can earn a fair and equal pay to her male colleagues, mothers (or fathers) can stay […]

  • Take your vision and make it a reality!

    Take your vision and make it a reality!

    Do you have ideas you never pursue? Why? What are the voices in your head that convince you that pursuing your dreams is not a possibility? Perhaps, like most women you got those ideas early in life. Maybe you believe the stereotypical entrepreneur is exactly who succeed at starting new businesses–a white, male who is […]

  • 10 tips to become highly productive

    10 tips to become highly productive

    Many of you frequently ask me for tips on productivity, so….  I am synthesizing some of my best tips. I talked recently about how being in a state of flow increases my productivity and how you can achieve flow more often. Here are some other tips:   Here are 10 Tips to become highly productive Pick […]

  • How often are you “In the Flow”?

    How often are you “In the Flow”?

    People often ask me how I get so much done, envious of my productivity. To others, I sometimes look like (and sometimes am) an over-achieving, over-working, woman who does not know when to turn it off. Although that happens, many times what is really happening is I have gotten into what neuro-scientists now call flow. Flow […]

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