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  • Are You Loosing Momentum to This?

    Are You Loosing Momentum to This?

    One of your biggest stumbling blocks for growing your business is expanding your employee pool to meet demand while maintaining your desired company culture, ensuring employees get the needed training to succeed, having employees who can grow with your changing landscape, and keeping turnover low so you don’t have to spend time finding replacements for those who leave. Although you might […]

  • Employees vs. Intrapreneurs?

    Employees vs. Intrapreneurs?

    I love this article by Jen Prosek on cultivating an army of intrapreneurs. The term intrapreneur is the buzz word in big companies right now. What stands out to me is she is talking about entrepreneurs creating a company culture that encourages intrapreneurs. So often entrepreneurs find they are not only the one in charge, […]

  • Pouring your heart into your business

    Pouring your heart into your business

    All entrepreneurs pour their hearts into their business.  Starting a business is like having a baby (albeit at the 9-month mark you could still walk away from a business and all us mothers know that is not a possibility with birthing a real baby–no turning back!) After putting so much of your very soul into […]

  • The Devil is in the Details

    The Devil is in the Details

    You have heard it before, right? The devil is in the details Starting a company requires above average guts, energy and enthusiasm. Once you have taken your baby from idea to reality it’s time to relax, right? Wrong. Most entrepreneurs (8 out of 10) fail within the first 18 months according to Bloomberg, because they […]

  • 4 Tips for Improving Your Employees Work

    4 Tips for Improving Your Employees Work

    In 1945 Karl Dunker conducted a social research study that showed that rewards do not improve people’s ability to perform.  But more importantly in his candle problem study showed that when used in creativity solving, rewards close our brains down to narrow focus which inhibits creativity. Yet, companies continue using reward based management.  Don’t! This […]

  • Are you a woman business owner?

    Are you a woman business owner?

    Here are some interesting statistics about woman business owners. Rather than fighting the corporate world for: equal pay, family friendly policies and promotions to the top …many women are leaving that struggle behind to start their own companies. In fact, according to a report commissioned by American Express, women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in […]

  • What is your arbejdsglæde index?

    What is your arbejdsglæde index?

    A Danish word, arbejdsglæde means “happiness at work.” In a recent Gallop pole they found Danes to be significantly happier at work — not just in general — than Americans.   Although this may seem trivial, happy workers are more productive, have fewer sick days and create cohesive, efficient teams. Happy workers better serve customers. And […]

  • Interesting Success Tip

    Interesting Success Tip

    Here is an interesting angle and success tip to help grow your business and gain a loyal employee base. If your operations can be modified to be parent-friendly, by offering flex-time, work from home, on-site daycare, or other family supportive benefit, you might be able to make it a competitive advantage. Many highly qualified and […]

  • Knowledge is Power!

    Knowledge is Power!

    In 2008, an initiative called 10,000 Women was formed by Goldman Sachs to educate and mentor 10,000 women entrepreneurs in developing countries who would otherwise not have access to business education. The results have been stunning. In December of 2013, their reached their target of enrolling 10,000 women in their program. 18 months after graduating, 69% of […]

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