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  • Are You Loosing Momentum to This?

    Are You Loosing Momentum to This?

    One of your biggest stumbling blocks for growing your business is expanding your employee pool to meet demand while maintaining your desired company culture, ensuring employees get the needed training to succeed, having employees who can grow with your changing landscape, and keeping turnover low so you don’t have to spend time finding replacements for those who leave. Although you might […]

  • How Important is Setting Up Your Office

    How Important is Setting Up Your Office

    Creating an environment that supports happy employees is important for any business. But as an entrepreneur it might just be you running solo. Guess what? Making your own work environment great will be just as important to your future success as later making sure your employees are happy! When you take time to set your space up […]

  • Take your vision and make it a reality!

    Take your vision and make it a reality!

    Do you have ideas you never pursue? Why? What are the voices in your head that convince you that pursuing your dreams is not a possibility? Perhaps, like most women you got those ideas early in life. Maybe you believe the stereotypical entrepreneur is exactly who succeed at starting new businesses–a white, male who is […]

  • Employees vs. Intrapreneurs?

    Employees vs. Intrapreneurs?

    I love this article by Jen Prosek on cultivating an army of intrapreneurs. The term intrapreneur is the buzz word in big companies right now. What stands out to me is she is talking about entrepreneurs creating a company culture that encourages intrapreneurs. So often entrepreneurs find they are not only the one in charge, […]

  • The Devil is in the Details

    The Devil is in the Details

    You have heard it before, right? The devil is in the details Starting a company requires above average guts, energy and enthusiasm. Once you have taken your baby from idea to reality it’s time to relax, right? Wrong. Most entrepreneurs (8 out of 10) fail within the first 18 months according to Bloomberg, because they […]

  • Need capital to get your business going?

    Need capital to get your business going?

    I learned some great news for female entrepreneurs recently from one of my favorite Forbes contributors, Geri Stengel. Your chances of getting needed money to start or scale your business has gone up exponentially in the past few years. According to the Center for Venture Research, which researches angel investments, in 2014: 26% of all angels […]

  • Interesting Success Tip

    Interesting Success Tip

    Here is an interesting angle and success tip to help grow your business and gain a loyal employee base. If your operations can be modified to be parent-friendly, by offering flex-time, work from home, on-site daycare, or other family supportive benefit, you might be able to make it a competitive advantage. Many highly qualified and […]

  • Looking for Investor Money?

    Looking for Investor Money?

    Many women entrepreneurs don’t look for investment money; afraid they do not know enough to enter that world. But you have to remember, the investor wants you to be a savvy entrepreneur–not savvy at the investment markets. Yet, there are specific things investors are looking for in order to fund your idea. Here are a few: […]

  • Does Money Motivate?

    Does Money Motivate?

    Successful people are creative, resourceful AND recognize that money is not what motivates people. Often entrepreneurs are afraid they will not be able to pay for the quality people they desire on their team at the onset. This can be a big start-up obstacle if you need other skills you do not possess or just […]

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