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  • The Devil is in the Details

    The Devil is in the Details

    You have heard it before, right? The devil is in the details Starting a company requires above average guts, energy and enthusiasm. Once you have taken your baby from idea to reality it’s time to relax, right? Wrong. Most entrepreneurs (8 out of 10) fail within the first 18 months according to Bloomberg, because they […]

  • Nice girls finish….

    Nice girls finish….

    In the 1980’s I struggled between being considered “too nice” to be taken seriously in business and the ultimate slap of being a “hardened bitch.” Many women today still struggle with labels and image–whether as entrepreneurs or within a corporate role. What is the magic formula? Too often women are not themselves because they fear […]

  • Sleep to Succeed

    Sleep to Succeed

    How much sleep do you get each night? Perhaps you have good intentions for early evenings but find yourself putting the finishing touches on that proposal, updating your website, or answering an important email just a little later than planned. It’s an easy trap, doing one more thing to make tomorrow a little less stressful. However, mounting evidence […]

  • Winners are Readers.  Are you?

    Winners are Readers. Are you?

    Did you know that most successful people are big readers? It’s true. And they read a variety of things — to keep their minds sharp, broaden their perspectives, and increase their knowledge. If you want to be successful in business, I suggest you follow in their footsteps and increase your daily reading, even if only […]

  • The Two S’s: Success & Stress

    The Two S’s: Success & Stress

    Let’s face it, most of us live fairly stressful lives. We in “developed” countries have replaced the stress of survival –you know, worrying about our next meal and running from tigers or wolves — with lifestyle stress. We wear our stress like a badge of honor, talking about it every chance we get. I remember in […]

  • How often are you “In the Flow”?

    How often are you “In the Flow”?

    People often ask me how I get so much done, envious of my productivity. To others, I sometimes look like (and sometimes am) an over-achieving, over-working, woman who does not know when to turn it off. Although that happens, many times what is really happening is I have gotten into what neuro-scientists now call flow. Flow […]

  • Do Women-Led Companies Perform Better?

    Do Women-Led Companies Perform Better?

    According to a new study, the answer is yes, women led companies do perform better! Quantopian compared returns of 80 Fortune 1000 companies that had or have women CEO’s with the average returns of the S&P 500 over a 12 year time frame. The women-led companies performed 226% better than the S&P 500 over the […]

  • Leadership Skills You Already Possess

    Leadership Skills You Already Possess

    I recently read an article on leadership traits women bring to the table–traits men can learn from.  In a world where women are often busy emulating masculine traits to “get ahead,” it is refreshing to remind ourselves of the incredibly important feminine skills needed for success. So what skills do you have, that you may not […]

  • Presentations that Win

    Presentations that Win

    There are two kinds of people, when it comes to presenting–those with practice, and everyone else. If you think you could never present as well as the people you see doing it–think again. Ever person you see as a pro at pitching their ideas, speaking in front of groups, or persuading people of anything ALL […]

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