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  • Is Your Choice Between Life or Success?

    Is Your Choice Between Life or Success?

    Most entrepreneurs I speak with often find their personal life and health at odds with their success. “It goes with the territory,” they claim. Does it? Let’s look at this against well-documented start-up data. Al Ramadan, Dave Peterson, Christopher Lochhead, and Kevin Maney started a company called Play Bigger after successful careers in high-tech looking […]

  • Finding Time…

    Finding Time…

    I constantly get asked the question, “How do you find the time to X, Y, or Z,” from aspiring entrepreneurs because starting a business can sometimes feel like a all-consuming effort. Two things have helped me over the years. One I learned early in my career from my first boss and the other I have just […]

  • Sleep to Succeed

    Sleep to Succeed

    How much sleep do you get each night? Perhaps you have good intentions for early evenings but find yourself putting the finishing touches on that proposal, updating your website, or answering an important email just a little later than planned. It’s an easy trap, doing one more thing to make tomorrow a little less stressful. However, mounting evidence […]

  • The Two S’s: Success & Stress

    The Two S’s: Success & Stress

    Let’s face it, most of us live fairly stressful lives. We in “developed” countries have replaced the stress of survival –you know, worrying about our next meal and running from tigers or wolves — with lifestyle stress. We wear our stress like a badge of honor, talking about it every chance we get. I remember in […]

  • 10 tips to become highly productive

    10 tips to become highly productive

    Many of you frequently ask me for tips on productivity, so….  I am synthesizing some of my best tips. I talked recently about how being in a state of flow increases my productivity and how you can achieve flow more often. Here are some other tips:   Here are 10 Tips to become highly productive Pick […]

  • Superwoman not to the rescue

    Superwoman not to the rescue

    Are you prone to “superwoman syndrome?” It is a way of looking at the world that is just short of perfect.  It starts with the positive attitude that you can do anything you set your mind to–with intention and determination. It is the perfect recipe for success and I coach people to believe this about […]

  • Networking – Ugh!

    Networking – Ugh!

    Is that your first response when someone tells you that what you need is to start networking? For me networking often feels like just one more of the many things I should be doing in order to get ahead. When do you find the time–after you have worked all day, picked up groceries on the […]

  • No Time Like the Present!

    No Time Like the Present!

      There is no time like the present to be a female entrepreneur! I am so blessed to be working with amazing women from all around the globe who are doing such diverse work—often reshaping their industry from high tech to education, even real estate. Some of the women I work with are truly at […]

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