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Amy coaches a select group

of women entrepreneurs each year

  • Women who are starting a company with a BIG mission that includes making a difference in the world WHILE making a profit,


  • Women who have a company that is already making a difference and

    they want to scale larger.

Whether you need guidance on specific areas within your existing business, or with bringing a new idea to life, Amy can help you…

…as she has for others … from large corporations to small start-ups and individual business owners.

But, as vital as making money can be to your plan, even more important perhaps is how Amy can help you take your rough idea, and create a business that truly serves your soul, honors how you choose to live, and satisfies your desire to contribute to the world.


Claim your rightful position as a leader and influencer!

Improving your access to money greatly increases your opportunities to step into positions of leadership and influence – around the globe, and right in your own community.

But many women struggle in this area because they don’t yet have that “money consciousness” needed to create wealth … they lack the necessary confidence, due to not knowing how to create financials, business plans, and other business documents … they feel “out of their element” when networking to get support, advocates, mentors, and angel investors … or any of a thousand other common concerns.

They often lie awake at night, long past the point of exhaustion, with worrying thoughts like these racing through their mind:

  • “Where will I find the money to deal with this?”
  • “Does my life really have meaning beyond my family?”
  • “Do I enjoy my career, and where is it leading?”
  • “Is there some way I can make more money and still have the freedom to enjoy it?”
  • “What do I do after the kids leave home?”

And of course we’ve all known that fear of leaving behind what is familiar in our career, to try something new and exciting … of being “used up” before our time … of not being taken seriously enough, or given a chance … of having to be something other than our true self, just to “get ahead” … of not having even the basic skills to build on … of getting older, and feeling less and less alive and vibrant, feeling no excitement for anything anymore … or just being so unsure of what to do next that we freeze, and do nothing!


That’s where private, personalized 1-on-1 coaching can help!

One of the biggest factors causing careers to skyrocket, and fortunes to multiply, is getting help in overcoming sticking points, and gaining clarity on your goals and “next steps.”

This “help” usually means working with a knowledgeable, experienced coach who has already been where you’re going, and can get you there sooner, with less headache and heartache than you would on your own.

Private coaching is the “secret” of many of the most successful people in the world. It can take you over such hurdles as lack of specific skills, self-sabotaging negative emotions, insufficient confidence, and much more.

So, if you’ve ever felt angry at yourself for being so “reliable” and always at the beck and call of everyone ELSE’S agendas, or for not keeping your own dreams alive while supporting those of your family or spouse, one of the coaching options below could be PERFECT for you!

Decide which coaching option is best for you,

according to your current situation and challenges

Amy offers two ways of coaching with her.

Coaching with Amy – by the hour

These 1-hour sessions are great for gaining focus on your next steps, in whatever area of your life you choose to address. Thanks to Amy’s “laser focus” technique, you’ll come out of your session knowing precisely what steps you need to take next – actions that will both serve your soul and create abundance.

If you have a specific business opportunity you would like guidance on, need help clarifying your goals, or are simply looking for a quick shot of inspiration … these 1-hour sessions can move you forward with only a “budget-conscious” investment of $750.

Sign up now for an hour of 1-on-1 coaching with Amy

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Coaching with Amy – 3-month Coaching

Are you looking for longer-term support to help you really FLOURISH?

  • Transform your IDEA into REALITY!
  • Create a life that honors your SOUL’S WISHES and your material comfort, rather than continuing to trade one for the other.
  • Gain business, financial, and strategic SMARTS
  • Create a business model that will GET FUNDED


The 3-month Coaching program is ideal when you want to really “go deep” into a specific area and create a detailed roadmap to your new abundance or receive ongoing guidance on a wide range of business or personal financial concerns. Admittedly, this is the way the more serious and determined entrepreneurs and business people go – rather than trying to accomplish everything just one hour at a time.

Your 3 months together with Amy includes two 90-minute sessions  and four 1-hour sessions, each delving even deeper into solutions that will empower you for years to come.

Coaching with Amy for 3 months can lead you to discover what will make you feel TRULY successful – by YOUR standards! Not what others consider success but what will make your heart sing! You’ll get all the tools and support you need to create wealth doing what you love.

And your investment is only $3,500.

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…but why Amy?

amy beilharz

Here are Amy’s own words that explain why women work with her to propel their life forward and make the changes they have been seeking:

Women around the globe are feeling an inner calling to have more meaning in their life.  They may not understand it; but they know they are being called to something big.

With their children older or maybe no longer at home, many women hit their 40s, 50s, or 60s and suddenly feel oddly uncomfortable with their life in some way, and want to make some significant change.

Other career and professional women have hit the proverbial “glass ceiling” or are just no longer inspired by what they’re doing.

And stay at home moms or those who have had “jobs” but not careers – are now looking to move from feeling utterly dis-empowered to taking greater charge of their lives by improving their financial position.

Thankfully I have the background – in terms of training, experience, and track record – to support these women in making the kind of business decisions and moves that can catapult them to ever-greater levels of success.

Here’s the thing…

There just aren’t that many coaches with this sort of corporate/business background  … a Harvard MBA … AND who have also been a stay-at-home mom to 4 kids!

Whether being mentored by the hour or on the 3-month coaching plan, Amy brings ALL that experience, understanding, and empathy to the table, for your benefit.

You’ll gain greater clarity on your dreams and goals … along with the unwavering confidence to pursue them doggedly, until you reach them!

All Amy’s coaching and teaching merges those time-honored success principles of pioneers like Napoleon Hill and Wallace Wattles with the same powerful business principles she used to build strong, profitable businesses for herself and others.

Let’s release you!

More than anything else, Amy want you to realize you’re capable of being yourself AND being influential in your world. She wants you to become just as wealthy as you WANT to be, and know you have the keys inside you right now!

You don’t ever have to look to some outside source again for your own happiness, wealth, or success in ANY endeavor.

The keys to all these treasure boxes are inside you already – they don’t exist “out there” some place. And all you really need to smash through any “glass ceiling” or perhaps step into a business of your own for the first time…

…is some professional help to bring it out of you.

That’s precisely the sort of help you get here.

The Time is NOW!

Let Amy help you find your true strength, and then turn it into money, influence, and a life of fulfillment because you’re doing what inspires you AND creating wealth at the same time.

With Amy’s help, focus both on the “inner game” of uncovering what gets you so excited you just can’t wait to bound out of bed each morning, full of energy and eager to get started … and also the more “practical” aspects of how to make millions doing whatever it is that excites you.

Just choose the coaching option you’d prefer right now, and click the registration button.

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“I’m so grateful to have met Amy and joined her mentoring program because it has helped me push out of my old ‘safety zone’ and into a millionaire mindset.

Amy provides a brilliant framework to find your dream, build your dream, live your dream, and then turn your dream into wealth. And there’s an immense personal satisfaction in seeing the results unfold in front of you.

This is a seriously powerful program for female empowerment and leadership, and it has made a stunning difference in my life. I’d encourage any woman who is frustrated with where her life is heading to work with Amy – you’ll thank yourself for the rest of your life!” – Susi Davies, Rock Chick Enterprises

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