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What’s Different About Women Being Successful?

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What’s Different About Women Being Successful?



In Amy’s upcoming book, Be A Female Millionaire, and her recorded Wealth Development Program she walks you through the steps to become wealthy and create a thriving business and life.

You can get a FREE preview of some of the things important for women trying to achieve success in Amy’s chapter, “What’s Different for Women to Become Millionaires.” (See Amy’s note below.)

Download your’s and start to assess your own millionaire index as a woman.




A Note from Amy…

I am excited to share with you what I have found working with hundreds of successful business people, women and men—especially those things that can make a difference in you becoming a female millionaire.

Early in my career I assumed the only thing different between men and women was cultural biases, not capability. Today, I still feel women have equal capacity for greatness; however, our path to greatness is more rewarding and faster when we allow it to be different than men’s. My goal for my book, Be A Female Millionaire, is to help you navigate the journey to wealth with more ease and fun than you may have experienced thus far—and with greater results!

Becoming a millionaire may not be your driving motivation—but your capacity to create change, provide generously to those you love, and impact your world will be enhanced a thousand-fold as you become a woman of power and influence.

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I look forward to partnering with you on your journey to abundance!


Best wishes,



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